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What are people saying about us?

  • We get to learn all this stuff that no one teaches us in school!

    Aiden Ansh Kumar
  • I feel lucky to be in this course because we learn things that we would never get to learn in school.

    Mohammed Dayyan
  • It was an amazing experience that I definitely want to come back for.

    Scott Greella
  • This is one of the best computing classes I have been too, and I am coming back next time for sure!

  • The training I received was an awesome experience, and I loved it.

  • I have a new amazing way to spend my Saturday mornings - I am creating my very own mobile apps, and constructing and programming M-Bots!

    Cinderella Jose
  • This is something that is both fun, and very educational.

    Luqman Jamal
  • My course was challenging, but also so much fun!

  • My course was really good. I was taught how to create apps, and create computer programs from scratch.

  • It was very interesting to get to learn so much about the different things around me!

    Aryan Saboo
  • It was great, and I want to keep coming back and learning more!

    Oliver Jude

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