Mobile App Development L1

  • Location

    Bur Dubai & DKP

  • Suitable For

    Age 7+

  • Skill Level


  • Duration

    5 Weeks

  • Frequency

    1 Hour/Week

  • Certification

    STEM.org Accredited Certificate

  • Fee

    AED 550

  • Requirement

    Must bring laptop

  • Start Date

    24th May 2019

In this course students will take their first step towards Mobile Application Development, by building their first Mobile App from scratch. They will learn about the concepts of design and architecture of the Mobile Applications by using an easy drag and drop MIT App development interface.
Students will learn and implement logical and conditional programming throughout the phases of Mobile Application development and will be able to make apps such as Quiz App, Flappy Bird & Ball Paddle Games and much more. A certificate will be also provided upon successful completion of this course.

What will students learn:

Mobile App Development –

Learn about the Architecture of Mobile Application
Integrating Design and Function
Explore Constant and Variable Components
Understanding In-build sensors in Mobile phone and it’s working
Programming the sensors
Data collection from Sensors
FirstAPP, Calculator APP and Quiz APP, Ball Paddle, Flappy Bird Game

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5 Weeks

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What are people saying about us?

  • We get to learn all this stuff that no one teaches us in school!

    Aiden Ansh Kumar
  • I feel lucky to be in this course because we learn things that we would never get to learn in school.

    Mohammed Dayyan
  • It was an amazing experience that I definitely want to come back for.

    Scott Greella
  • This is one of the best computing classes I have been too, and I am coming back next time for sure!

  • The training I received was an awesome experience, and I loved it.

  • I have a new amazing way to spend my Saturday mornings - I am creating my very own mobile apps, and constructing and programming M-Bots!

    Cinderella Jose
  • This is something that is both fun, and very educational.

    Luqman Jamal
  • My course was challenging, but also so much fun!

  • My course was really good. I was taught how to create apps, and create computer programs from scratch.

  • It was very interesting to get to learn so much about the different things around me!

    Aryan Saboo
  • It was great, and I want to keep coming back and learning more!

    Oliver Jude
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