Skillbloc Spring Camp (7-10 Years)

  • Ages

    7-10 YO

  • Fee


  • Skills


  • Location

    DKP & Bur Dubai

  • Schedule

    3 Hours/Day (Sun-Thu)

  • Timing

    Morning & Evening Batches

Course Overview

The main idea behind this program is to impart tangible skills to your children over the course of their spring holidays, which can then be leveraged by them throughout the next academic term and developed into serious passions!

Our spring camp course structure is unique, we believe in holistic learning, thus we intend to focus on different areas of technology like Dynamics of Drones, Artificial Intelligence- Powered robotics, Humanoid robotics, Digital Fabrication techniques using 3D Printing and Computerized Numeric Control machines and Electrical circuitry. These topics will be covered throughout different weeks where two of these courses will be covered every week based on the theme of that week.

The entire course philosophy of the Spring Camp is based on project-based learning methodologies. Which means, students will be given a problem statement, which they will solve over the course of the camp using the different technologies introduced to them. The learning will largely be focused through hands-on experience on the equipment and several fun activities/projects.


Digital Fabrication:

  • Understanding the concepts of 2D and 3D design
  • Exploring professional 2D/3D CAD (Computer Aided Design) software
  • Learning to operate a 3D printer and create your own prints
  • Learning to operate a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) machine and create your own designs

Flight Science:

  • Learn the basics of aerodynamics and the dynamics of flight
  • Understand the dynamics of flying a drone
  • Learns the basics of Graphically Programming a drone

Electrical Circuitry Design:

  • Basics of Electric Current and Circuit Design
  • Fun activities like Conductive Ink Touch Piano, drums and other fun projects
  • Working of motors, sensors and micro-controllers

Artificial Intelligence powered Robotics:

  • Understanding the underlying concepts of face-recognition
  • Coding an AI-Powered face-recognition robot to create do activities

Humanoid Robotics

  • Understanding the science of the complex yet fun Humanoid Robot
  • Building a Humanoid Robot and understanding its various actuators
  • Activating Voice Recognition and controlling the robot by voice commands

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Course USPs

  • STEM.org Accredited Course
  • All instructors are trained professionals with years of experience in teaching STEM courses
  • Learning based around projects & activities thus making the camp extremely fun for students
  • Hands-on experience on 3D Printers, CNC Machines, AI & Humanoid Robots

What will students get?

  • STEM.org accredited camp participation certificate
  • Recognition Ceremony at the end of each week
  • Understanding of complex STEM topics in an easy and fun way


Dubai Knowledge Park Centre KHDA Permit Number: 62988

Burjuman Centre KHDA Permit Number: 628345

STEM.org Accreditation Number: 12576515

Parent Company Name: Rootstalk Learning Solutions FZ LLC

License Number: 93302


What are people saying about us?

  • We get to learn all this stuff that no one teaches us in school!

    Aiden Ansh Kumar
  • I feel lucky to be in this course because we learn things that we would never get to learn in school.

    Mohammed Dayyan
  • It was an amazing experience that I definitely want to come back for.

    Scott Greella
  • This is one of the best computing classes I have been too, and I am coming back next time for sure!

  • The training I received was an awesome experience, and I loved it.

  • I have a new amazing way to spend my Saturday mornings - I am creating my very own mobile apps, and constructing and programming M-Bots!

    Cinderella Jose
  • This is something that is both fun, and very educational.

    Luqman Jamal
  • My course was challenging, but also so much fun!

  • My course was really good. I was taught how to create apps, and create computer programs from scratch.

  • It was very interesting to get to learn so much about the different things around me!

    Aryan Saboo
  • It was great, and I want to keep coming back and learning more!

    Oliver Jude
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